4 Tell-tale Signs That Your Dog is Sad



If you are a dog owner, you know that these furry ones also express themselves like humans. That being said, your little puppy can also become sad and withdraw itself when stressed out. This can even lead to depression that can linger for too long. When this happens, it is crucial to make them happy and relaxed again. If this lingers for too long, you might need to visit your vet. However, you can also try a few habit-changing exercises to get them back to normal. 

Now, here's a big question, how to tell that your dog is sad? Here are some telltale signs that show the depression of your dog. 

How to Tell that Your Dog is Depressed? 

Dogs can become sad for a lot of reasons. They can be sad having lost a family member, or a kid going off to college, or passing away of another dog in the house. Turns out, dogs can get very attached to people as well as other pets. So, any slight change in the relationship can take them into depression. If you feel that your dog is down in the dumps, here are the signs you need to find.

  • Your Dog is Tired
  • The most common sign that shows depression in your dog is tiredness. The dog will stay at one place or lay around often rather than interacting with other people in the house. Also, if your dog is sleeping too much, it can be because of their age but if you notice a sudden change in their sleeping pattern, it can be due to depression. 

    Have you suddenly changed your routine? Or stopped playing with your dog? Try spending time with them or take them for a walk. 

  • A Change in Appetite
  • A sad and stressed dog will not show any interest in food or drink. It may suddenly stop eating their food. However, it might show interest in human food. If you find sudden cravings or any abrupt change in appetite, it can be due to depression. 

  • Your Furry Friend Goes Into Hiding
  • If your dog is sad, it may go into hiding more. You can see them sleeping under the bed or in the closet. If you notice this behavior more, it is a sure sign of depression. Also, if you see them disappearing suddenly or withdrawing in odd places in the home, it can be because of sadness.

    Give them some time. Play games with them and give them attention to make them feel happier. 

  • Your Dog is Licking Its Feet
  • When a dog is depressed it may lick its feet more often. This is one of the calming methods for dogs. A constant licking shows that your dog is trying to comfort itself. Secondly, it can also show some medical issues. So, it's better to visit a vet and get it checked. 

    Similar to humans, dogs feel tremendous. They can be sad, happy, or stressed. Unlike us, they cannot show or express themselves. However, they do show some signs that can show their obvious sadness. A lack of interest in daily activities, playing, or walking shows that your dog is down in the dumps. Try playing with them or taking them on a walk or giving them attention to bring them back to life. 

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