How to Take Care of a Puppy?

Knowing how to take care of a puppy is the best way to ensure that you get all that precious love for years to come!

If you are a dog owner or thinking about taking the responsibility of becoming a dog owner, check out some tricks to ensure that your puppy remains healthy, happy, and vibrant for years of fun and friendship.

Take care of Food

Puppies are not the same as the dogs. They have different nutritional requirements. While a puppy can eat dog chow, however, it is better to give puppy chow to help their growing body and digestion. Fatty acids are required for shiny coats. High proteins from real meat help them build muscle growth. Always prefer giving dry food over wet food as it helps to clean their teeth and prevents gum disease.

To be more specific with their diet, you can talk to your vet about the options or can read the labels of potential foods thoroughly. 

Watch your pooch

Never ignore the unusual behaviour of your pup. The most important recommendation anyone can give you is to observe your pup. Watch them eat, during potty and also when they play.

Learning how to take care of a puppy will become easy if you allow them to give you clues as to what they need. Moreover, watching your puppy is the best way to enjoy them. Just like humans, puppies grow up fast. So keep an eye on your pup, else you will miss something special!

Get the grooming tools

Besides treats and collars, there are a few things more that you will need to buy for your puppy. These include grooming tools such as bristle brush and dog shampoo. Also, get two metal bowls, one for food and another for water. Avoid using ceramic or glass as puppies are not gentle creatures!

And how will your puppy find fun without toys? Getting fun things that make noise, are squishy and chewy, and those that make great tug-of-war battles are a must.

Clean your living space

There's a concept called puppy proofing - much similar to baby-proofing. Always pay attention to the potential dangers around the living area, including the house, garden, and anywhere your pup might venture.

Puppies are curious and can chew anything that appeals to them. Thus, take off dangerous chemicals, wiring, and cleaning fluids out the reach. Also, remove any dangerous plants indoors and outdoors to ensure your puppy remains safe and healthy. 

Take time to visit the vet

Your pup will need vaccinations against many diseases like rabies and distemper. Also, your pup must remain isolated from other animals until the completion of the series of shots. 

An appointment with the vet will clear all your doubts about vaccinations and make sure that there will be no development problems as your puppy grows into an adult.

Take necessary precautions

Being a pet owner, it will be your responsibility to keep your pup safe by getting the right products. Do not make your pet stay in a drafty location as prolonged exposure to cold can cause arthritis later on. Never use a piece of rope for a collar and leash as this can be an unsafe practice. Seek from the pet store owner in sizing a good-quality collar for your puppy.

Dog collars are one of the most important things that you can buy for your pup. Not only dog collars are indispensable for walking and exercising but also are useful for returning and re-claiming lost dogs.

Make your pet feel comfortable

Make a special place for your pet to sleep. Collect some safe toys designed for puppies. These toys will help to provide comfort and ease, especially when teething.

Your puppy needs more nutrients than she will get from adult dog food. This is vitally crucial. Lack of nutritious food can cause growth problems such as deformed joints and other health issues that can affect the entire future. It's good to speak to your vet to find out what exactly to feed the puppy at different stages of development.

Teach your pup

Always try to introduce your puppy to many things such as obedience, training, how to talk and visit other people, etc. Remember, socialization is a very crucial part of puppy training. Usually, a puppy becomes hyperactive during this time, so consider consulting with the veterinarian to help understand their behaviour. Never discourage your puppy in any way as it can badly affect their mental health.

Physical exercise

Another crucial aspect of taking care of a puppy is providing physical exercise. The dog owners must know the importance of regular exercise for a happy and healthy puppy. Exercise helps dogs to burn off all the excess energy that is so prevalent in puppyhood. Furthermore, exercise helps in keeping a pup calmer and behaves well.

Play with your pup

In many ways, puppies are like babies. They need your undivided attention many times a day.

Playing with a tiny dog is a vital part of the bonding process that occurs between the puppy and the owner. Dogs by nature, are social creatures and play is part of the "pack" behaviour. It is also required that you allow your puppy to interact and play with other puppies and dogs in your neighbourhood.

 Whenever you get time, try petting your pup's face, belly, legs, and back. This helps you to create a strong bond by making your pup feel loved and wanted. Further, get him some chew toys to improve their physical and mental health. 

Love your pup

Once you provide all the basic necessities for your pup to thrive, now all they need is love and kindness. For any successful relationship, love and kindness are the two main ingredients. You can expect both good and bad times with your puppy as it grows to adulthood. By committing to provide love and kindness throughout, you can have a wonderful relationship forever.

If you are concerned about how to take care of a puppy, don't be. It's quite simple!

To sum up

  • Give your puppy the desired attention!
  • Feed your puppy the right foods!
  • Check-in with your vet for check-ups and vaccinations
  • Spend time working on obedience training.

Above all else, be patient with your puppy and be very loving!

We hope this was a useful read. Keep visiting our space for more dog care stories!

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