5cm Nylon Dog Collar - CAMO Green v2.0

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Nylon Pin Collar v2.0 - 100% Stainless Steel Hardware which is not only rust proof and extremely hard-wearing, this collar also includes a soft quick-drying neoprene lining for your dogs comfort.

Suffering from sensitive skin? This collar consists of 2 internal layers: Nylon and Neoprene. Experience a much more comfortable and pleasant collar experience for your dog as the Neoprene is a soft layer which helps to prevent irritation to your dogs fur/skin.

This is BullyBillows's DNA collar which has evolved along the way making it a perfect and affordable collar for daily use.

  • Triple stitched for peace of mind
  • Life time guarantee on the Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Pressure tested to withstand extreme force for security and peace of mind.

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