Billowthane® Recall Lead - 10m | Waterproof & Anti-Rust - Matte Black


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Billowthane® - Thermoplastic Polyurethane Recall Lead

Are you looking for an alternative to leather without the negatives? This lead is not only vegan but extremely durable and waterproof. In the event of grabbing this lead in an emergency situation, this TPU material avoids any friction burns..

The 10m Tracking or Training Line from BullyBillows is designed to make life easy for both dog and handler Made from our special, own branded material which boasts all the properties and functionality of leather but without being absorbent or prone to rot. With a smooth wipe clean surface this material guarantees a greater tear resistance. The tracking line has enough rigidity but is supple enough to avoid tangling as well as being manageable and easy to handle. Far lighter than similar material of the length, at 10m long and 2.5cm in width, this lead is the perfect recall training tool.

  • Engraved Branded Clip
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Plated With Black

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