Premium Comfort Harness | Non Restrictive & Adjustable - Lightning v2.0


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Innovation harnessed. Our revolutionary harnesses that every dog owner is talking about. You in?

This harness boasts many benefits for your dog, to name a few below:

  1. Neoprene lined chest plate and straps to avoid irritation for your dog.
  2. Non restrictive design to allow freedom of movement.
  3. Adjustable metal straps to get the perfect fit.
  4. Stainless Steel hardware.
  5. Duraflex clips - the best on the market.

Trademark & Copyrighted Design Rights Number: 6189796

This harnesses soft and breathable padding will hug your dogs waist, providing a snug fit around the whole body. Our design will offer comfort and security for your dog, eliminating any and all rubbing burns. Great on sensitive fur/skin.

Our adjustable harness is designed with your dog in mind with user-friendly adjustable straps to create a perfect fit, whether your dog is still growing or adds additional weight on over the years meaning you will need more room to adjust this harness which it allows.

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