Air Mesh Harnesses

What is the difference between this harness and our other harnesses?

Easy.. this is our latest innovative design of premium harnesses that are curated for every breed in mind, whether you have a small Toy Poodle or a German Shephard and larger. Due the even smaller and larger sizes we now offer in this range. If you dog loves activities or just easy walks in the park, this is for you.

The handle at the back of the harness is positioned higher up on the back of the harness to leverage even more control over your dog, it acts as a collar with a handle due to the positioning.

Industrial outer texture, weather resistant material.

  • Front and back D-Loop, great for supporting pulling dogs

  • Triple stitched handle at the back of the harness

  • Mesh lined inside for superior comfort

  • Duraflex clips - the best available on the market

  • Easy to adjustable woven nylon straps

  • Super lightweight

Weights of the harness:

A: 140 grams

B: 160 grams

C: 180 grams

D: 250 grams

E: 280 grams

Please note, this harness comes equipped with a different sizing guide than our other harnesses, please measure accordingly for the best fit.