Tweed & Herringbone

BullyBillows wants to welcome you to our CountryCollection. 

This range of products consists of 5x Tweed and 3x Herringbone sets from our Premium Harness, Combat Collars and Combat Leads. All the same sizing and price as their nylon counterparts, what is not to LOVE about that? 

Tweed and Herringbone is renowned in Scotland, offering durable, yet stylish patterns and colours that we had to bring to life here at BBHQ. 

Made from woven wool, Tweed was originally designed for Scottish farmers and then also used by the Scottish armies for centuries past. It is eye-catching and classy! 

Our Tweed sets are a bit more darker with deep, dark colours. Whereas the Herringbone designs offer a light, pastel range of colours. Whichever you pick, you're sure to stand out in the dog park!
Tweed & Herringbone